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Slabs & Geodes

Geological Slabs or Slices


The translucent nature of crystal slabs or slices makes them ideal decorating pieces.  The true beauty of the crystal is best shown when lit either from behind, as in a window, or above when displayed on shelves or in architectural nichos.

Agates are the most popular crystals used for slices but, you will often find Skarn, Sandstone, Onyx and Septaria as well as other stone slabs that create magnificent showpieces.   They all make wonderful, organic statements.

Our selection is constantly changing so please stop by to see what we have in store or to discuss specific items that you may want for your home or as beautiful gifts.



Geodes are formed throughout the world but, they are most commonly found in deserts, volcanic ash beds or areas rich in limestone.

In igneous rock (rock formed from lava or magma) the hollows are formed when a bubble of water or carbon dioxide exists within the flow of lava. As the lava cools and the water evaporates or gas dissipates it leaves behind a mineral rich hole or space inside the hardened shell. This can also occur when lava flows directly into water and the outer portion of the flow cools and hardens more quickly than the inner portion.  As the mineral-rich interior liquid leaks out through the porous rock, it leaves behind a hollow space where crystals form.

In sedimentary rocks, like limestone or sandstone, geodes can form when the interior matter, be it wood, coral or minerals, dissolves over time leaving behind an empty space for crystals to grow.

What type of crystals form depends on both the type of rock (igneous or sedimentary), the conditions surrounding its formation and the location.  Brazil is known for its magnificent amethyst (purple quartz) cathedrals whereas, in some regions of Africa, chalcedony geodes are common.  Sedimentary geodes often contain quartz, opal, agate interiors.

A sample of slabs & geodes at Taos Rockers

quartz and jasper geological slab or slice
large quartz geode
large amethyst geode
geological slab or slice
large geode table base