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Taos Rockers Rock Shop

Taos Rockers Rock Shop

Taos rockers is not your typical ma & pa rock shop. The major emphasis at Taos Rockers is on mineral and fossil specimens. An international collection is displayed in three showrooms including many museum-grade specimens representing every continent except Antarctica. Every item is labeled and described as accurately as possible. There is a separate section of minerals of New Mexico(our area of specialization).

Taos Rockers also stocks decorative items, stoneware, mineral & fossil related jewelry, cabochons & faceted gemstones, books, and some geological equipment, however, the major emphasis is on minerals & fossils.

Our staff consists of two geologists and a metaphysical consultant.

The retail outlet is open 9-6.

We are located one block off the Plaza in the Taos Historic District with convenient on-site parking at 229 Camino de la Placita.

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Still Searching for that perfect Valentines day gift?

We have plenty of precious stones to gift that precious person in your life!

Come by and let us help you find the perfect token of your love!!

Open daily 9am-6pm
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Taos Rockers mineral of the month is a family of minerals collectively known as Zeolites!!

Zeolite is a group name for a large number of microporous framework alumosilicates which are built of corner-linked tetrahedra and contain

Over 232 unique zeolite frameworks have been identified with over 45 occuring naturally. Zeolites are produced industrially on a large scale for such applications as commercial adsorbents and catalysts, water purificatiion, separation of gases and molecules, on-board oxygen generating systems, solar thermal collectors, and non-clumping cat litter.
The largest single use is the global laundry detergent market. Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater or in shallow marine basins (over periods of thousands to millions of years). Thomsonite has been collected as a gemstone from a series of basalt lava flows along Lake Superior in Minnesota.
Some of the natural Zeolites available at Taos Rockers include:
Analcime Na(AlSi2O6) • H2O
Chabazite CaAl2Si4O12 • 6H2O
Heulandite CaAl2Si7O18 • 6H2O
Laumontite CaAl2Si4O12 • 4H2O
Mordenite (Na2,Ca,K2)Al2Si10O24 • 7H2O
Natrolite Na2Al2Si3O10 • 2H2O
Mesolite Na2Ca2Si9Al6O30 • 8H2O
Scolecite CaAl2Si3O10 • 3H2O
Pollucite (Cs,Na)2(Al2Si4O12) • 2H2O
Stellerite Ca4(Si28Al8)O72 • 28H2O
Stilbite CaAl2Si7O18 • 7H2O
Thomsonite (Ca,Na)6Al8(Al,Si)2Si10O40• 12H2O
along with other minerals often found associated with zeolites:
Apophyllite NaCa4(Si8O20)F • 8H2O
Cavansite Ca(VO)Si4010• 4H2O
Prehnite Ca2Al2Si3O10(OH)2

We are Offering 10% off on our Zeolites through the end of the month! Come see our array today or message us for details! 🙂
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☀️ First Time Ever Offered By Taos Rockers☀️
⛅ Solstice Specials ⛅
☀️ Dec 18- Dec 21 Only ☀️

Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz- Reg. $30 - SALE $24
Spirit Cave Geodes Lrg - Reg. $18 - SALE $15
Spirit Cave Geodes Med - Reg. $15 - SALE $12
Moroccan Eye Lrg - Reg. $22 - SALE $18
Moroccan Eye Med - Reg. $18 - SALE $15

Drop by and see us for all your Solstice Crystal needs 😉
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